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Disclaimer Article:

Before accessing this site / blog, visitors must read, understand and follow the applicable rules set by JobsUp.date.

JobsUp.date does not have any relationship with the agencies / companies whose job info we load on this site, we stand alone.

JobsUp.date does not own the copyright to the logo and job info that is loaded, it is all the copyright of each agency / company concerned. If any of the parties concerned object to such loading, please contact us via the contact below.

JobsUp.date always strives to provide true and accurate information to job seekers based on official and reliable sources such as the company’s website, as well as the CDC (Career Development Center) of leading universities around the world.

JobsUp.date is not responsible and cannot provide compensation in any form if there is an error in the data / information contained on this site. We can only delete or edit if that’s necessary.

JobsUp.date reserves the right to load, edit, and delete data/information without changing its intent.

JobsUp.date reserves the right not to post job advertisements and to refuse to post banner advertisements sent or any party that wishes to cooperate with us without explaining the reason.

JobsUp.date is not responsible for the data/information shared by readers even if the data/information and news refer to the articles on our site.

JobsUp.date never asks visitors/job seekers for any kind of money/rewards, we do not recruit us to only convey information. If anyone is on behalf of JobsUp.date please ignore it.


  • Any job recruitment selection process is not at any cost
  • The Company has never cooperated with TRAVEL
  • Accommodation and transportation costs are borne by non-corporate applicants
  • No reimbursement of any kind by the company
  • Transfer of some money is prohibited

By visiting this site, you have agreed to the disclaimer that we provide as well as with the existing terms.

For further information please contact us via contact form or via email: geneva.jobsupdate@gmail *com

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