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Founded in 1970, the Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC) is an international ocean shipping company from Italy. Starting in 1978, the headquarters moved to Switzerland. The company focuses on world-class shipping services and has now become the largest company in this industry. MSC operates 700 vessels and has more than 100,000 employees in 155 countries.

Working Environment and Culture
MSC has company values that support the vision, create a culture of work, and build the future steps of the company. It becomes a guideline for the path in this business, helping the company to grow and giving the company the spirit to become the best. MSC implements the values in the staff behavior together with the company to grow together.

As a large company, MSC is passionate about everything the company does. Challenge ourselves to face the obstacles and get excellent results in the future. Working with enthusiasm, Multinational Ocean Shipping Company offers the best services for customers. Moreover, MSC treats the customers with the spirit of being proactive, responsible, and courageous.

This company’s long history brings experience and professionalism to the services. Along with the company’s development, MSC strives to bring innovative solutions to this industry to make a positive change. Not to mention prioritize safety and protect the environment. MSC is trying to offer a balanced and healthy working environment for the employees.

More importantly, MSC claims the employees as the treasure of the business. This company believes each of them brings unique abilities and value. To keep good working performance, MSC keeps a good relationship within the company with respect. Furthermore, the company also provides personal development opportunities for them. Hold training to grow and give full support in everything.

The Benefits that Offer
With the belief that having great employees is important, MSC is dedicated to hiring the appropriate people into related positions in the company. Moreover, to gain the ability, MSC also provides training programs and gives support to their career path. It aims to achieve employees’ personal goals along with company goals also.

As a multinational company, the company has a multicultural and diverse employee base across the world. To overcome the obstacles caused by the differences, the company holds diversity as the key to achieving success. MSC implements open-minded behavior and equal opportunity, aiming to make fair solutions for employees.

When you join the company, it means that you are part of the change team. Because MSC focuses on making innovative solutions to make a positive change in the world, particularly in the ocean shipping industry. Keeping the flow of global trade without forgetting to protect the environment with sustainable solutions.


About Jobs Update On MSC | Shipping Company

MSC | Shipping Company
???? Job Location:
International Jobs
???? Nationality: Selective Nationalities
???? Education: Degree/Diploma or (Equivalent)
???? Experience: Absolutely Mandatory
???? Salary: Competitive Salary Offered
???? Benefits:
???? Last Updated On: 26st June 2023
⏳ Closing date: Open until filled

Job Vacancy
The job vacancies in this company are very wide, spread in various working areas and locations across the world. To support the expansion of the business, this company now has several branches. These include TiL (managing container terminals across the world), MEDLOG (global supply chain operator), MSC Cruises (cruise line), GNV (coastal navigation shipping), and SNAV (high-speed modern vessel).

From these, it is concluded that the company offers various opportunities to get a career there. The job vacancy is available on the job portal and LinkedIn page. The current job openings are offered in the Italian office, in the working area of technology. The positions offered are Academy, Agile, Architecture, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence, CRM, Cyber Security, and many more.

The Application Process

Application Instructions:
Apply Online: MSC Promising Job at a Multinational Ocean Shipping Company 2023

According to the job vacancy mentioned above, the company welcomes everyone who has experience or not to join MSC. The application documents can be directly sent to the company through the official job portal or LinkedIn page. Check out the list of the current vacancies and find the most suitable position for you.

The application process for the company’s recruitment is explained below. After the application documents are sent to the company, MSC will screen each application carefully and consider which one matches the required position. After that, the selected candidates will be contacted to arrange the interview. Next is the selection process, and finally, the job offers to the person who has been selected.

The most frequently asked about this process of hiring is the experience of candidates. It depends on the position. MSC is open to any background because the company values diversity. In addition, MSC apologizes that the company cannot reply to each candidate if they are not selected. Last, consider the location because it prefers a person who is legally allowed to work in that area.

Looking at the wide range of work and multinational working environments, the company might be the right option for you to continue your personal development. Along with the benefits and career opportunities that MSC offers, you can try to join the company. Gather the current job vacancy information from the job portal and LinkedIn page to know which available position is for you.

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Jobs Update MSC | Shipping Company

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