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Job-seekers, find good working opportunities in this French insurance company. Macif is mutual insurance of France that has been supported by 9,000 collaborators. There are various opportunities in different fields and an outstanding work-study program. Build a bright career future in Macif! Here is some information to consider joining Macif.

What Macif known as
Macif is mutual insurance from France which was founded in 1960. The company is a member of an international “business club” of mutual and cooperative insurance groups, Euresa. The company offers insurance with a simple and fast process, extended services and high listening quality. Insurance in Macif means mutualistic values of solidarity, fairness and responsibility.

The insurance of Macif accompanies customers in their moments of life. Families can get insurance for their growing families, grandchildren, or during the difficult times of losing a loved one. For career insurance, plan a retirement plan or when entering working life. There are many other insurance programs customers can find assisted by Macif.

The working life of Macif
Macif has three values that guide their work dynamics. First, all employees of Macif take pride in what they do. The company is committed to solidarity through actions and challenges. Second, all employees are dynamic. Each of the employees is an actor in their professional project. Last, all employees are an enthusiast in their professions and love working with Macif.

By joining Macif, all employees are guaranteed 3 things which are integration, commitment, and participation. All employees will be responsible in the diverse company and go along with all commitments of the company to the customers. However, all employees are also guaranteed participation in every accessible project in their career life.

Macif is a company that is supported by 9,000 collaborators. By 2020, there are a total of more than 1,000 recruits in all branches of the company. In the same year, there are more than 500 employees that has been moved internally. Macif is a company that actively seeks bright talents and support the career of its employees.

The team Macif pays attention to equality and inclusiveness. More than 7% of employees with disabilities have been equally getting opportunities to grow their careers. The company also has been acknowledged for its 94/100 gender pay equality index in 2020. Macif is a company that promotes equality and inclusivity of all opportunities to every employee.


About Jobs Update On Macif | Insurance Company

Macif | Insurance Company
???? Job Location: Europe
???? Job Profile: Multiple position(s) available
???? Nationality: Selective Nationalities
???? Education: Degree/Diploma or (Equivalent)
???? Experience: Absolutely Mandatory
???? Salary: Competitive Salary Offered
???? Benefits: Competitive
???? Last Updated On: 23st July 2023
⏳ Closing date: Open until filled

Opportunities available in Macif
Macif is currently open with a total of 207 work opportunities. There are opportunities in various fields to support the company. The fields are including and are not limited to Actuarial, Communication, Technical Design, Finance, Risk Control, Data Management, Marketing, and more. Applicants can find their most suitable profession among the many opportunities of Macif!

For students, the work-study program of Macif is a beneficial program to start a career. Macif offers certified theoretical training and students will experience a professional environment within Macif. All participants will be supported personally and they can obtain promotion or prospect of employment at the end of the course.

In this work-study program, students will be benefitted from training with a key certification (level BAC+3) and paid professional experience. All stages are supported by an assigned tutor, manager, school relations manager and colleagues. Macif recruits’ students with BAC+2 or equivalent professional experience to join the program. Make the first step through this program!

Apply to the team Macif

Application Instructions:
Apply Online: Macif Job Opportunities Find Success in French Insurance Company’s 2023

All job offers of Macif are available on the official website All job vacancy information is listed with job descriptions and requirements. Find a position that is suitable for applicants and directly apply from the website. Applicants will be required to fill in the form that will be available during the application process.

The official website of Macif also received CV analyses for applicants. Interested applicants just have to upload their CV or resume to the available submission box and the system will analyze the CV to find suitable job opportunities. The system will consider all the information listed in applicants’ CV or resume to get the right job vacancy.

Be careful with recruitment fraud that claims to be on behalf of the company. Macif does not receive any amount of money for any stage of the recruitment process. Make sure to only apply through the official website or official page of Macif. Report to Macif immediately through the official contacts when found any suspicious job opportunities.

Macif is an insurance company that holds on integrity and commitment to the customers. Therefore, these values are also practised among the employees for the sake of their high-quality careers. The company also provides opportunities for employees to grow their personal and professional skills. Join the team immediately and grow with Macif!

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Jobs Update Macif | Insurance Company

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