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Established in 2016, Formative Search is a recruitment agency headquartered in Singapore. Therefore, this agency focuses on recruiting people in New Energies, Legal, ESG, and Sustainability markets across the Asia Pacific. Over the years, this agency has recruited people for over 200 clients in 15 countries, helping those people to get economic growth properly.

About the Company

Name of Company: Formative Search Company
Primary Sector: Staffing and Recruiting
Job Profile: 7 Jobs Found
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Formative Search Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Formative Search | Jobs Careers and Employment
Job Location: Jobs in Australia
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: Competitive
Last Updated on: 23th December 2022

Formative Search wants to have a profound influence on people and business development in emerging markets passionately. It comes along with the mission to deliver talent to drive the business forward. Through it, this company is trying to make easy recruitment for people worldwide.

Furthermore, to connect employers with qualified candidates, this agency focuses on the areas of expertise of New Energies, Legal and Corporate Governance, and ESG. Each of that areas have numerous clients that are ready to meet the qualified candidates through this agency’s recruitment.

Working Culture and Environment

Working at Formative Search means that employees will enter an environment where all of the people feel like family, and meet a mix of diverse and inclusive characters of people here. Thus, they can enjoy and feel comfortable working at this place. Asides from that, the diverse and inclusive atmosphere here, will bring a valuable experience for them.

Therefore, this agency is a collective group of people who underpins the value and culture implemented here to achieve success and goals appropriately. Because of that, all the employees are encouraged to implement the value of community, development, reliability, outcomes, and interest in their souls and mind.

It is because these values will bring a related culture that has been set by this agency from the start. Thus, the culture is promoting a supportive and inclusive environment for the employees, supports the people and economies growth, builds consistency and trust, effort to achieve the goal and best result, also showing passion for learning from the employees working here.

Apart from that culture, this agency tries to make the working place where everyone is working together to achieve the goals. It is supported by the transparency discussion that is always done among colleagues and managers. Besides that, this company also gives fair and competitive compensation to each employee regularly.

Benefits for Employee

Formative Search offers employees a wide range of benefits to help them love their lids in and out of work. Then, it can be the reward of their hard work and dedication during the work hours here. In the end, these benefits are hoped to motivate them to always do a great work performance at this agency.

Among a lot of benefits, there are attractive uncapped commissions, incentive programs that include all expenses paid for the trip or Michelyn dinner and spa treatment, birthday and work anniversary celebrations, wellness incentives, and many more. These benefits are hoped to support employees’ well-being.

In addition, to ensure employees’ comfortable during work here, this company also strives to pledge wide career opportunities and growth for them, gives flexible working arrangements, and creates comfortable and conducive work including outstanding office building, and others. So they can enjoy their working time at this agency.

Jobs Opportunity

Formative Search looks for an ambitious, resilient, and entrepreneurial individual to join this agency. It is because the goal of this agency is dedication to the development of all the people here. So that is why any forms of learning and development steps to achieve the goals are fully supported here.

Whether people join this company as fresh graduates or as expert recruiter professional are welcome here. Therefore, this agency will give them a clear career framework and development plan according to their needs and individual goals. It will help them to get success along with this agency.

Meanwhile, the job area of this company is not far from the field of recruiter, consultant, director of consultants, and that kind of position. Moreover, people who are interested to join this agency can directly call the official contact to get further information. Therefore, the contact is available at this agency’s job portal.

List of Formative Search Company Careers and Employment

  1. Commercial Manager, Solar. <== Apply Here
  2. Construction Manager. <== Apply Here
  3. Country Head. <== Apply Here
  4. Energy Storage Engineer. <== Apply Here
  5. Head of Origination. <== Apply Here
  6. Head of Projects, Green Hydrogen. <== Apply Here
  7. Project Development Manager. <== Apply Here

How to Apply

Application Instructions:
Apply Online: Formative Search Company Careers and Employment 2023

Formative Search has a quite different step for the application process. People who want to join this agency can directly send their applications through the section at the job portal. There is no specific position that people can choose, but if they have the expertise or experience according to the field of this agency, they can directly send the application here.

Overall, this recruitment agency has been shown a great job whether for the clients, job seekers, and its employees. So, it can be a good reason why people should apply here. It is supported by a supportive and conducive working environment, and a wide range of benefits and opportunities offered for the employees.

Thanks, and Good Luck

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