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Founded in Midwest, First Solar is the only US-headquartered solar PV manufacturer on the list of the world’s top 10 largest module producers. Through its huge scale of production, this company has a cumulative $1.5 billion spent on its research and development. It is because of the movement to fulfill the 2025 global annual capacity that reaches the number of over 20 GW.

About the Company

Name of Company: First Solar Company
Primary Sector: Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing
Job Profile: 100++ Jobs Found
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by First Solar Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: First Solar Company | Jobs Careers and Employment
Job Location: Jobs in United States
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: Competitive
Last Updated on: 19th December 2022

First Solar proudly established the guiding principle of responsible solar energy. Where it includes how this company treats its employees, manages its environmental impact, and also how the operational working here. Therefore, all of these three pillars collaborate to produce responsible solar energy that has low risk and maximizes the result for a better future.

Over the decades, this company has developed the innovative technology that now it is known as First Solar’s Cadmium Telluride (Cad Tell) thin film technology. It is a dedicated product of this company. Furthermore, this company also stands alone with its distinctive semiconductor and streamlined manufacturing process, which brings better quality and reliability.

More than that, this company has developed and operated numerous large grid-connected PV power plants worldwide. It is supported by the experiences of reducing risk and delivering more reliable, dependable, and effective-cost solutions for the customers. So that is why this company is claimed as the fastest growing PV technology producer.

Working Culture and Environment

As the leading sustainable energy future company in the world, First Solar has an exciting working environment for the people here. They can experience work in the most important industry of the 21st century. Therefore, by working here they can participate to deliver solutions against climate change, energy security, water scarcity, and other unsustainability consumption to the world.

In practice, this company is developing and manufacturing thin film solar modules that use for grid-connected solar power plants. Moreover, it is created to address the needs of the cost-advantaged, bring the smallest carbon footprint, low cycle water use, and the fastest energy payback products in the industry.

People who work here will be valued, appreciated, challenged, and allowed to work together with the top minds in the industry. It comes along with the company’s goal, progress, and achievements that will bring countless advantages to them. However, this company strives to maintain the work culture based on the sustainable energy principle.

Benefits for Employee

First Solar offers numerous benefits for people working here, which it is hoped can help them to live well. Therefore, the benefits are precenting 401K math, medical/dental/vision health package, employee stock purchase plan, particular flexible work arrangements for some positions, tuition reimbursement, and also a wellness program.

Apart from that, this company also offers a supportive and inclusive work environment for people. It aims to give them a comfortable feeling during the work hours here. Then, this corporate also values the diversity of cultural, ethnic, social, and gender of each people here. So, they can be treated and respected peacefully at this company

Jobs Opportunity

First Solar believes in the employees’ engagement, collaboration, well-being, and productivity of all-range generations and emerging workstyles. Because all of these will bring positive support to change the world better together with the company. So that is why this company invites people to join this incredible team.

People can find the open positions and apply for them at the company’s job portal. According to recent information, the positions open are spread in the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, and others. These locations can be a consideration before applying for a position at this company.

On the other side, the field of interest that people can choose from are Business Development, Engineering, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Operations and Maintenance, Product Management, or Sales and Marketing. They can find which field and position according to their expertise or experience.

List of First Solar Company Careers and Employment

Jobs by Category:

  1. Controls Engineering. <== Apply Here
  2. Developer. <== Apply Here
  3. Manufacturing Engineering. <== Apply Here
  4. Production. <== Apply Here
  5. Purchasing. <== Apply Here
  6. Quality/Reliability Engineering. <== Apply Here
  7. R&D. <== Apply Here
  8. R&D Engineering. <== Apply Here
  9. Sales. <== Apply Here
  10. Technicians. <== Apply Here

How to Apply

Application Instructions:
Apply Online: First Solar Company Careers and Employment 2023

To get a job at First Solar, people are recommended to visit the company’s job portal first. Because that portal is provided detailed information about job openings from this company. People can find out the most suitable position for them, including the job description, location, and requirements also. So, it will gain the possibility to pass the recruitment process.

In short, this company has a huge scale of operation, which can be an advantageous thing for people who work here. It is because a large company usually has a supportive, positive, valuable, and inclusive work environment. More than that, this company offers numerous benefits that might help people to live well. So that is why immediately visit the job portal to find a suitable position to apply for.

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